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About us

Our journey began in January 2017, as a vendor-agnostic solution provider. We also offer our customers tailor-made solutions — from conception to implementation. Our goal is to maintain a long-term partnership with our valued customers.

 At Spectra Vision, professionals work together with the objective of providing appropriate business solutions. It realizes the importance of functional knowledge and its impact on developing business solutions. We constantly strive to be a leading technology firm with profound business and functional knowledge. The key to the company’s success is the maintenance of a close working relationship with clients by ensuring the most appropriate possible solutions to their needs. Establishing and maintaining a thorough understanding of each client’s objectives, as well as helping them maximize their benefits.



Turnkey Solution

Complete end-to-end Broadcast Systems

A turnkey solution is a type of system built end-to-end for a customer that can be easily implemented into a current business process. It is immediately ready to use upon implementation and is designed to fulfill a certain process such as website design, training, or content management.

Here at Spectra Vision, we deliver comprehensive, elegant, and cost-effective solutions from initial project consultancy to design, hardware, and software solutions, installation, documentation, user training, and post-installation support.

Spectra Vision has a team of the most talented individuals in the broadcast industry. We can deliver turnkey broadcast and Telco system solutions in either SDI or IP format. Expertise in designing and engineering dependable, robust, budget-conscious solutions that provide a path for future growth.

We have been keen on providing broadcasters and telco companies with facility build-outs and technology restorations, documentation of best practices, and training your staff on updated technology investments. The difference comes from our onsite and 24/7 support and training.


Digital Solution

Software Based Solutions For Today's Industries

Digital Solutions helps you drive business outcomes by looking beyond traditional ways of working. We can help your business tap into the power of digital technologies to drive better business outcomes. We are a leading provider of digital solutions and our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to help your business succeed.

Since the very beginning, our philosophy has been that video technology — whether applied to broadcast, corporate, or monitoring business processes – can deliver much more value for business through extracting actionable data and making decisions based on that data, combined with information from other sources. This is why we see the unification of standalone systems and seamlessly integrated AI video analytics as our core competitive advantages.

We will provide you with a wide spectrum of digital solutions and services to help you create, deliver and build digital experiences. Whether you are just beginning your digital journey or seeking new opportunities to accelerate growth, our digital solutions and services empower your business transformation journey. We work with you to understand your unique business needs and develop a tailored solution that will help you achieve your desired results.



Consulting for sales, technology, and operations

Consulting services help improve the performance, scalability and competitiveness of your company through right technology enablement and usage.

We, at Spectra Vision, have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of media technology. We are well-placed to advise you on current and emerging technologies. As part of our comprehensive consultancy services, we offer information and project feasibility analyses for your business before any capital is allocated to it.

Our well-experienced in time-proved programming technology won’t pass by fresh trends and developments. Our international network of IT consultants, solution architects, technical teams, data and security engineers makes it all a breeze – from problem identification to solution implementation.


IT Solution

Design & Implementation of Network Infrastructures

As a business leader, understanding the importance of a web infrastructure design and developing an implementation plan based on the needs and priorities of your company is essential to long-term success.

Spectra Vision provides complete design and implementation of network infrastructure and IT-based solutions for all aspects of today’s media industry.

From a single workstation solution, through complete workflow systems with physical and virtual servers, Spectra Vision provides data storage solutions at all tiers, from online high-definition multi-user shared storage to archive and near-line systems on a variety of network fabrics.

Partnering with us provides a reliable network infrastructure plan while giving you the flexibility to augment your existing staff or to completely outsource all services. Our certified experts can provide the correct solution for your workflow and budget.


Cloud Solution

Complete end-to-end solution

Cloud solutions, also known as cloud computing or cloud services, deliver IT resources on demand over the Internet. With cloud solutions, IT resources can scale up or down quickly to meet business demands. Cloud solutions enable rapid access to flexible and low-cost IT resources without large upfront investments in hardware or time-consuming installation and maintenance. Businesses can provision exactly the type and size of computing resources they need to power a new initiative or operate their IT departments more efficiently. Businesses of all sizes use cloud solutions to reduce hardware, software and IT maintenance costs.

Cloud solutions provide convenient, on-demand access to shared pools of IT resources, helping businesses improve efficiency, reduce costs and rebalance capital and operating expenses. Many businesses adopt a mixture of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. Cloud is an emerging technology for the media and broadcast segment.

We can offer an end-to-end solution for every level of broadcaster thanks to our proficiency in cloud technology and extensive experience in the broadcasting sector. We can deploy a cloud solution to meet the client’s needs, whether the cloud is public or private.


Support & Training

Extensive Training

We, at Spectra Vision, believe that quality and timely support is crucial for all ongoing functionality of on-air and revenue-generating systems.

Spectra Vision has a dedicated team of support engineers, both for software operations and hardware support. Our team is available 24/7 via all current methods of communication. Together with our supplier partners, we make sure to achieve the fastest and most efficient solution to your challenges.

Technology is easy to acquire, but having the manpower to fully utilize that investment is paramount.

 We have a variety of training packages in all fields of media to ensure that your team is proficient with the systems supplied.

Training services can include all aspects of the workflow:

* Production  

* Art & Design

* Technical operations

* Maintenance

Our Tech Partners


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Pakistan Television MCPC Project

Bahrain 6 Radio Studio

Our Clients

Spectra Vision has had the privilege of collaborating with numerous well-known firms from across the globe. From news channels to educational institutions, our clients range across different sectors. Each client receives world-class service from us, which is why they keep coming back to us. Our clients continue to play a key role in our growth by bringing novel challenges and learning experiences every day.


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